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Anti-HHV8 Monoclonal Antibody, clone LN53

Antibody specific of ORF-73 of human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8)

New PD-1 Antibody (clone DBM15.1)

Mouse monoclonal antibody

Microspheres, Beads and Particles

The most comprehensive range of particle solutions !
The Source for or...

3D culture - BIOMIMESYS Adipocyte

New generation of mimetic hydrogel for Adipocytes 3D culture

Quick Coomassie Stain

Generon now offers a new unrivalled 1-step Quick Coomassie Stain


New anti-p63 (clone DBR16.1) Antibody

Rabbit monoclonal antibody

3D scaffolding platform mimicking native Extra Cellular Matrix

InoMATRIX is a unique 3D scaffolding platform for use in cell culture, molecular biology and tissue engineering.