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Generon - the protein company.
Custom Service Enquiries
New online services forms for fast, no hassle, competitive pricing. From clone to protein, peptide to antibody.
Protein Expression & Purification
E. coli, Insect & Mammalian. Quote GEN-2S for a first order £20 Amazon voucher.
Custom Peptide Synthesis
No Peptide-No Fee Guarantee! The Best Prices Ever! Quote GEN-1S for a free 16GB USB stick with every order.
Custom Antibody Production
Polyclonal Rabbit antibody from £590. Monoclonal Mouse antibody from £2,450.
Realtime Stain
Quick Coomassie Stain
15 min biosafe 1-step protien stain. Quote GEN-1R for a free 16GB USB stick with every order.
Abgent Antibodies
Search our extensive Abgent Antibody database here to find the correct product to suit your needs.
Vivaspin Protein Concentrators
Innovative Ultrafiltration at your Fingertips. Quote GEN-1P for 10% off the web price.
Proteus NoEndo Spin Columns
3-4 log endotoxin reduction, >90% protein recovery. Quote GEN-2P for 10% off the web price.
1-Step Batch Midi Spin Columns
Revolutionary new way to batch purify your proteins. Quote GEN-3P for 10% off the web price.
Pre-cast Protein Gels
Long Life Tris-Gly NUView gels. Quote GEN-4P for £55.00 per pack (min. order 10 packs).
Tel: +44 (0)1753 866 511
Fax: +44 (0)1753 208 899
Awards & Accreditations
Smart Award
for Innovation and Excellence

Generon are looking actively for distribution around the world. Find your nearest Generon distributor...


As of September 2013, Generon is a major shareholder of BioservUK. We now offer protein expression across bacterial, insect and mammalian expression platforms and antibody production from our state of art UK facility in Sheffield.

We have launched a new revolutionary and 15 min. 1-step Coomassie Stain for SDS-PAGE called Quick Coomassie Stain (QC Stain).

Generon has launched a new Detergent Screening Kit containing 1g of each of the ultra-pure crystallization-grade Glycon detergents: β-DDM, β-DM, β-NM, β-OG, β-OTG (>99.5% purity, <0.01% α-isomer, <0.001% lipid alcohol).

In 2011, Generon was appointed Glycon distributor for US and Canada. Contact us if you wish to buy Glycon's ultrapure detergents in US or Canada.


Generon - the protein company

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