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Realtime Stain

 SDS-PAGE Reinvented: The world's first universal protein pre-stain!

Proteus Rapid Protein Purification Kits

Proteus Protein A and G, Ni-IMAC and NoEndo Kits

Biotin-Streptavidin HRP or AP Kits

Biotin-Streptavidin HRP or AP Broad, Mouse and Rabbit Kits : Biotinylated sec...

Blocking solutions for immunoassays

Choose the appropriate blocker, your results are important !

Microspheres, Beads and Particles

The most comprehensive range of particle solutions ! The Source for organic...


HRP or AP Polymer Detection Kits

for Mouse, Rabbit, Goat Primary Antibodies on Human Tissue

New Library Preparation kits for Illumina®

Choose the best kit for your DNA-Seq

Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen

Next generation collagen for cell culture and stem cell research

Burkitt-like lymphomas diagnostic : new probe

ZytoLight SPEC 11q gain/loss Triple Color Probe

Cell growth determination kit

MTT assay based on mitochondrial activity