Affinity resins for glycobiology - Carbohydrates

Affinity resins for glycobiology - Carbohydrates

CarbPROFILE gels are monosaccharides-Sepharose affinity matrices used for purification of specific carbohydrate-binding proteins. The carbohydrates are attached through their non reducing hydroxyl group after pre-activation of sepharose matrix by divinylsulfone (DVS) (see scheme 1 below). The binding of lectins and carbohydrates binding proteins to carbohydrate affinity gel is non-covalent and reversible with high capacity. Lectins and carbohydrates binding proteins are both usually stable compounds which can be recovered by competitive elution (i.e. 0.2 to 0.5 M of monosaccharide) or by modulations of pH and/or ionic strength in high yield and purity.

Applications : Purification of large range of glycoproteins which recognize specific carbohydrates moeities

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