Human monomers - Class I

Human monomers - Class I

T lymphocytes play a central role in immune system function.
Monomeric MHC/peptide complexes proved to be impractical due to their instability and low affinity yo TCRs. To overcome this difficulty, MHC/peptide monomers are biotinylated and tetramerized with streptavidin to maintain stable binding to multiple TCRs, enabling MHC/peptide tetramers to be used as detection tools.
Biotinylated MHC monomers, the building blocks of MHC tetramers, are now available for tetramer construction flexibility and novel applications.
The Biotinylated Class I MHC/peptide complex can be used in research studies involving CD8+ antigen-specific T cells.

Biotinylated MHC Class I monomer is composed of a particular peptide in combination with a particular HLA class I allele that has been biotinylated at the c-terminus of the heavy chain extracellular domain.

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