4th ResoN8 Biophysical and Biochemical Symposium

4th ResoN8 Biophysical and Biochemical Symposium

18 January - University of Sheffield

Preliminary Program

4th N8 Biophysical and Biochemical Symposium
Computational and Experimental Methods in Biology

18th January, 2019, LT03 The Diamond, The University of Sheffield

9: 00 Registration
9.50 Welcome and opening remarks – Prof Mike Williamson

Session 1: Chair – Matt Cliff

10: 00 "Molecular simulation of biomolecular assemblies" Prof Jamshed Anwar, Lancaster University

10: 30 "Validation of NMR protein structures using structural rigidity theory" Dr Nicholas Fowler, The University of Sheffield

11: 00 Coffee/Tea

Session 2: Chair – Arnout Kalverda

11: 30 “Measuring fast biomolecular dynamics with 2D-IR spectroscopy” Prof Neil Hunt, University of York

12: 00 "Protein Integrative Modelling: how to account for dynamics?” Dr Matteo Degiacomi, Durham University

12: 30 Flash presentations led by Marie Phelan

13: 00 Lunch and Poster Session

Session 3: Chair – Alan Kenwright

14: 30 “The role of amyloid in thoracic aortic aneurysm” Dr Hannah Davies, The University of Liverpool

15: 00 "New perspectives on mitochondrial variation in Human diseases" Dr Joanna Elson, Newcastle University

15: 30 Coffee/Tea

Session 4: Chair – Alex Heyam

16: 00 "Equatorial active site compaction and electrostatic reorganisation in catechol-o-methyl transferase" Dr Linus Johannissen, The University of Manchester

16: 30 “Hydrogen-deuterium exchange probed by mass spectrometry: a new life for an old tool" Dr Emanuele Paci, The University of Leeds

17: 00 Poster prizes and concluding remarks

17: 10 Mixer sponsored by Bruker