The Use of Normalization Assays
The normalization of specific quantitative assay results is critical to interpretation of biological system status.

FISH probes for trisomy diagnosis
ZytoLight Aneuploidy Panel 18/X/Y and 13/21

New Ultra-Sensitive qPCR Gene Mutation Detection Kits
QClamp® Detects Rare and Actionable Cancer Mutations & Fusion Genes with ultrasensitivity New Technology : Xenonucleic Acid (XNA) Molecular Clamp Technology

Countstar FL Fluorescence Cell Analyzer
Turn Flow Into Image Cytometry Countstar®FL is an image-based cell analysis platform. 4 excitation lights, maximum 13 fluorescent channel combination, support any dye of different wavelength.

FlexISH® probe for detecting rearrangements on BCL2 and BCL6
Bringing flexibility to your FISH with FlexISH®

Miniprep Kits
Cost effective and High Purity

Fast and reliable conjugation
LinKine Labeling Kits Complete solutions for proteins and antibodies labeling with enzymes, fluorescence and featured AbFluor dyes

2 new powerful clones for PD-L1 diagnostic
New anti-PD-L1 antibodies - Rabbit monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic use

Anti-PDL1 antibody
Monclonal rabbit antibody for diagnostic use

Double color CISH ERBB2 /CEN 17 probe
For breast cancer diagnostic

Aggregate formation in cell cultures - Here is the solution!
AccuMax is a gentle and reliable detachment and dissociation reagent. 

Enhance the growth of E.coli and other microbial cells
Ultra Yield Flasks and AirOTop Enhanced Seals

FISH probes panel to diagnose AML
Now validated to be reduced to 2h (CE-IVD)

Flasks for protein production
Space saving - More volume

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits (PCA free)
The simplest, yet sensitive series of assays in the market !!!!

ZyBlack™ Quenching solution for FISH
Reduce autofluorescence on in situ hybridization

New FISH probe set for glioma diagnostic
1p36/19q13 Probe Set with ZyBlack Quenching Solution

Blocking solutions for immunoassays
Choose the appropriate blocker, your results are important !

Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen
Next generation collagen for cell culture and stem cell research

Monoclonal antibody anti-cytokeratin Clone KL1
Now available !!!

Burkitt-like lymphomas diagnostic : new probe
ZytoLight SPEC 11q gain/loss Triple Color Probe

New Library Preparation kits for Illumina®
Choose the best kit for your DNA-Seq

Spectrophotometer, Microvolume & Fluorometer
Spectrophotometer/fluorometer to quantify nucleic acids and proteins

New Cuvette Spectrophotometer
Intuitive, Compact and Stand-Alone

For each amplification, we have a DNA polymerase
We offer a new range of Taq polymerases with different features for different types of samples and different applications.