3D scaffolding platform mimicking native Extra Cellular Matrix

3D scaffolding platform mimicking native Extra Cellular Matrix

InoMATRIX is a unique 3D scaffolding platform for use in cell culture, molecular biology and tissue engineering.

InoMATRIX technology is based on electrospun nanofibers which enable topological and morphological mimicking of native ECM (extra cellular matrix). The 3D structure of InoMATRIX allows cell cultures to develop into tissues closely resembling native tissue.

Main features:

  • The 3D like fibrous environment supports cell growth
  • High porosity and pore interconnection for optimal nutrient diffusion
  • Based on biocompatible and biodegradable polymers (e.g. PCL)
  • Regulated release of active substances for complex stimulation of cell processes(advanced nanofibers)
  • Simple manipulation and compatibility with microscopic and microplate based-assays
  • Ready-to-use kits in standard microplate formats (96, 48 and 24 well plates)
InoMATRIX Morphology Selection kit:
4 scaffold types in one plate for selection of scaffolds with optimal morphology. After selecting the optimal scaffold morphology, the user may use InoMATRIX Morphology Single type plate containing one type of scaffold with required morphology for further experiments.

InoMATRIX Morphology kit Single type plates
Nanofibrous poly-E-caprolactone
 (NF PCL) scaffolds
Nano/microfibrous poly-E-caprolactone (NF/MF PCL) scaffolds Microfibrous poly-E-caprolactone
(MF PCL) scaffolds
Porous poly-E-caprolactone (POR PCL) scaffolds
Cat# Cat# Cat# Cat#
PCL-NF01-96 PCL-NFMF01-96 PCL-MF01-96 PCL-POR01-96
PCL-NF01-48 PCL-NFMF01-48 PCL-MF01-48 PCL-POR01-48
PCL-NF01-24 PCL-NFMF01-24 PCL-MF01-24 PCL-POR01-24