FISH probes panel to diagnose AML

FISH probes panel to diagnose AML

Now validated to be reduced to 2h (CE-IVD)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) belongs to the group of myeloid neoplasms. AML is a heterogenous disease resulting from clonal expansion of myeloid blasts. In young children, AML comprises 15-20% of all acute leukemia cases. 

The ZytoLight® AML probes used in combination with ZytoLight® FISH cytology implementation kit processed on lymphocytes (blood/bone marrow aspirates) provides results within one day. The hybridization time is now validated to be reduced to 2h, while maintaining the high quality of standard FISH.

Reliable FISH results obtainable in 5 hours!

AML FISH probes allow to obtain results in 5 hours.
Equivalent results with 2h or overnight hybridisation.
Hybridisation time is freely adaptable to individual needs.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia specific ZytoLight® probes for flexible FISH:

Product code Target
Tests (Volume)
Z-2207-50 CBFB 5 (50 μl)
Z-2193-50 KMT2A  5 (50 μl)
Z-2113-50/-200 PML/RARA  5/20 (50/200 μl)
Z-2112-50 RUNX1/RUNX1T1  5 (50 μl)
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