FlexISH new technology: FISH protocol in 2 hours

FlexISH new technology: FISH protocol in 2 hours

Bring flexibility to your FISH!!
FlexISH probes to detect ERBB2, ALK and ROS1

  • FlexISH® maximizes your flexibility in terms of time and laboratory management. Hybridization time can be varied between 2 hours and overnight
  • With a hybridization temperature of 37°C the FlexISH® protocol is fully compatible with routine workflows in pathology laboratories.

The FlexISH® ERBB2/CEN17 Dual Color is designed for the detection of ERBB2 gene amplification frequently observed in solid malignant neoplasms, e.g., breast cancer samples. The ERBB2 gene is located in the chromosomal region 17q12 and encodes a transmembrane glycoprotein, p185, acting as a cellular growth factor receptor. Amplification of the proto-oncogene ERBB2, observed in approximately 20%of all breast cancer samples, has been correlated with a poor prognosis of the disease.

Ideogram of chromosome 17 indicating the hybridization locations
ERBB2 probe map (not to scale)
FlexISH ERBB2/CEN17 Dual Color Probe hybridized for 2 hours on an endometrial carcinoma tissue section with ERBB2 (green) amplification

The FlexISH® ALK/ROS1 DistinguISHTM probe is designed to detect rearrangement involving the chromosmal region 2p23.1-p23.2 and 6q22.1 harboring the ALK and ROS1, respectively. Using this probe, it is possible to simultaneously detect ALK and ROS1 rearrangements and, additionally, to disciminate between possible aberrations affecting these chromosomal regions. Both, the ALK as well as the ROS1 gene, encode for a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinases. Rearrangements affecting the ALK or the ROS1 gene locus are frequently found in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Ideograms of chromosome 2 (left) and 6 indicating the hybridization locations.
ALK and ROS1 probe maps (not to scale)
H3122 cell line, ALK rearrangement is indicated by one separate orange and one separate green signal, both not co-localizing with blue signals.

Tests (Volume)
FlexISH® ERBB2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe

5 (50 µl)
20 (200 µl)
FlexISH® ALK/ROS1 DistinguISHTM Probe
5 (50 µl)
20 (200 µl)
FlexISH-Tissue Implementation kit