Protein Studies

Protein Studies

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Ion exchange (IEX) FPLC columns
Ion exchange (IEX) FPLC columns for negatively and positively charged proteins

UV visualization of protein in nUVIEW precast gels
All nUView precast gels incorporate a unique formulation allowing protein bands to be visualized in only 2 minutes in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) light - taking you from analysis to results faster than any other gel on the market!

Detergent exchange mini spin columns
for rapid and effective removal of free detergents micelles and complete detergent exchange

HiFliQ pre-packed FPLC Columns
Available in 1 ml and 5 ml HiFliQ column sizes with high capacities

Proteus Rapid Protein Purification Kits
Proteus Protein A and G, Ni-IMAC and NoEndo Kits

New Ultrafiltration Concentrator: Proteus X-Spinner 2.5 pack
New Technology Ultrafiltration Concentrator 

News for Size Exclusion Chromatography: ProteoSEC Columns
Ideal for high definition preparative protein steps using all aqueous buffers

Buffers and solutions
 Blockers, stabilizers, optimizers and others for ELISA, Protein Arrays, Western Blotting, Lateral Flow Assays and Immunochemistry

Realtime Stain
 SDS-PAGE Reinvented: The world's first universal protein pre-stain!

Quick Coomassie Stain
Generon now offers a new unrivalled 1-step Quick Coomassie Stain